There’s still a chance to win an AR with distinct looks in this season’s Battle FairDragonfire! This gun made its first appearance at the Lunar event in 2018, so its third anniversary is not far off.

Dragonfire is a long-time short-range favorite of many players: it deals more damage at closer ranges, gives you a chance to deal additional fire damage upon hit, and can decrease incoming damage.

  • Fire Hazard: 40% of shots inflict additional fire damage; the damage from these shots is 50% bigger than the base damage per shot
  • Close-range: the damage distance of this AR is 10-19 meters,  and the closer you are to the target, the more damage you deal; at close range, the damage per shot reaches 255 points
  • Dragon Scales: the closer you are to the enemy you’re shooting at, the higher your damage resistance is. At maximum range (more than 15 meters), you get a 5% boost of damage resistance, at medium range (7 to 15 meters) - 10% damage resistance, and at close range (7 meters and less), you get a whole 15%
  • The rate of fire is a whopping 700 shots per minute
  • 50 bullets in the mag, 50 to go with 1.8 seconds for reloading
  • Dragonfire unlocks at level 22 for 1000 fragments and can be upgraded twice at levels 28 and 34 for 500 and 1000 fragments.

This assault rifle has a shotgun feel to it and highly encourages players to take the fight head-on instead of hiding behind cover. Add smart positioning to a decent aim, and you’ll become the close-range thorn in everyone’s side!

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