The Corp. Wars: Beyond event has started, and the first week of this event features a fair where you can spin out the fragments of the brand new shotgun, called Bear Trap. Bear Trap is a unique weapon, available to players at level 11 and above, that has 6 grades. It was created by the Goliath Group to maximize their chance of winning the race for space with Pandora Inc. (more about the event in our guide), and here's why the gun has the potential to lead its owner to victory. 

  • The Jaws! This shotgun has an active perk: enemies eliminated with this weapon drop special traps; once an opponent walks into this trap, he receives cutting damage (1200 HP on max grade) and gets slower by 70% for a limited time, making him an easy target for your team.
  • The Jaws have a 1.5-meter radius of action; the effect can be defused with healing consumables.
  • Jaws stay on the ground for 12 seconds.
  • If the enemy triggers the next Jaws while the previous ones are still active, he receives more damage and the slow-down timer begins anew.
  • Bear Trap's time-to-kill (TTK) is similar to Reaper's: about 3 seconds.
  • The maximum firing distance is 8 meters, with maximum damage dealt at 3.5 meters, and minimum damage at 7 meters.
  • The gun has notable recoil and requires a reload after every shot.

After looking at these features, you probably already have an idea how to use this gun to its maximum capacity, but we'll give you a hint anyway: Recon specialization. All in all, Bear Trap is an ultimate weapon for a fighter who's smart with his short-range positioning and is bold enough to build his game around the active perk. It's an excellent addition to your loadouts, so be sure to swing by the fair.

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