Anglerfishes have been fueling our nightmares since forever. The sheer look of these cranky deep-sea dwellers will strike fear into anyone. But with our new Anglerfish helmet, players will have more than its looks to worry about. The terrifying ability of this helmet is that it reduces the helmet bearer’s health, while increasing the damage he deals. Read on for details!


  • Fury: When activated, the helmet reduces the player's health, but also adds a bonus to the damage he deals. Can be used three times consecutively, stacking up the total bonus to the damage. 

Other peculiarities:

  • You can obtain this helmet by participating in the event fair. After the event ends, the helmet will be added to the rotation of the Battle Fairs.
  • The helmet has six grades; unlocks for 1000 fragments, upgrades for 200/300/500/800/1500, respectively.
  • Available for Recon and Support specializations.

This helmet is not for the faint-hearted. And before heading to the Fair, you might want to ask yourself whether you are brave enough to use it. If the answer is yes, you are setting yourself up for fun, high-risk, high-reward action, which, let's be honest here, is the best kind of action!

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