It’s time to revamp your wardrobe in Guns of Boom — get ready for an intense and generous mini-event called Gear Recon! Get free masks, complete special daily challenges, and win weapon fragments as well as iconic military-themed costumes. 7 days — 7 costumes! And it’s all free!


During the Gear Recon event, every day you will get a free mask, and 4 challenges to complete. These challenges of each day will be thematic and knitted together around a certain playstyle.


At the start of every day, you get a mask that’s yours to keep, but if you complete all 4 daily event challenges, you get a full-body costume to match that mask. Here’s the list of all the masks + costumes you can get at the event:

  • Day 1: Marine
  • Day 2: Mars
  • Day 3: Black Hawk
  • Day 4: Recon Team
  • Day 5: Spectre
  • Day 6: Paratrooper
  • Day 7: Comandante


Completing all 4 daily challenges gives you a costume, however, you get rewards even if you complete only some of the challenges. After completing an event challenge, you will get a case (or several) full of random weapon fragments, so it’s profitable to take part in the event even if you don’t plan on getting all the cosmetics.

That’s the gist of it. For more info simply launch the game and open the event tab – all the details will be there. So play every day and don’t miss out on a chance to enhance your cosmetic collection! 

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