Not so long ago, we released update 15.2, and with it introduced a number of balance changes. All of them are covered in THIS ARTICLE. However, our players still have questions about the game, so we try to answer the most common ones on our subreddit. Here’s a digest of the latest Q&A session we had.

Redditor: u/AssassinKilllerGOB

Q: Why are we not allowed to bank/earn battle coins in between the battle cases? First of all the battle coins last only a season and then we can't earn BC in between the two battle cases playing classic matches? It will be way too much grinding for the next battle case weapon. I really request you to allow us to earn Battle Coins in between the time of the battle cases when we play a classic match.
A: As for the battle coins that you earn during a season: we don't have plans on implementing a feature when you get them between the battle cases just yet, but make sure to use the drones: they can make the grinding much easier in such case. However, thanks for sharing your feedback - we'll check what could be done.

Redditor: u/ramdom-ink

Q: Are you ever going to do anything about our 100’s of thousands of Costume scraps? Why won’t you actually reward us for playing your game and when will we be able to redeem them fairly?
A: Thanks for bringing this one up: as for the costumes and scraps, we plan more improvements in costume mechanics in the future. As you might remember from the previous seasons we’ve had an upgradable costume, so hold your scaps: we hope you'll have more ways to use them :-)

Redditor: u/x_Tr011ist_x

Q: Will there be a system to get rid of high-level players dominating lower leagues?
A: We are looking into this issue at the moment: there are no specific plans for it yet, but we're thinking about maybe adding some extra conditions on how players get their rating. Once again, this idea is still in development. And thanks for sharing your question.

Redditor: u/Rsb91

Q: Why does it take you so long to fix unbalanced changes? Icebreaker and Wasp need a big nerf but have been left alone for months! Then you release guns like Survivor which are laughably bad
A: Hi there, rebalancing the game too frequently doesn't feel right, that's why we prefer to take some time to collect all detailed feedback across our communities. It might also take a while to investigate and analyze it, test different types of improvement, and decide on the tweaks we could add to specific weapons. By the way, we'll publish more info on the balance patch on our subreddit soon, so stay tuned.

Redditor: u/whattadobb

Q: Would you also be able to make it so that we can change our controls in the lobby? it would be really helpful.
A: Hi there, right now, we are doing our best to make the lobby both functional and not too overcrowded with different features. So there are no plans for moving the controls adjustments there at the moment. But thanks for your feedback - we'll think about what could be done.

Redditor: u/vish_86

Q: When will Gods of boom make a female character?
A: Hey there, more news specifically about adding female characters is coming soon, so stay tuned and check out our announcements to learn more.

Redditor: u/vijju007

Q: Hi GoB team, There are two empty slots in loadouts on the right side of helmet, vest, and torso. What are your plans to fit in those empty areas?
A: Hi there, as we've mentioned earlier before, specializations will evolve further, and that means there will be more features in the game for them. As for the slots: you can see them as a groundwork for the upcoming improvements, and we'll be happy to share with you more news when the time comes.

Want to find more answers or ask a question on the next Q&A session? Then go to our subreddit, wait for the next Q&A thread to appear, and ask your question in that thread. You'll get a chance to hear directly from the devs!

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