Enjoy competitive battles with a more diverse Arsenal! After extensive testing on PTS and perfecting the balance, we can finally present you with a list of weapons and equipment that will be available in Pro Play mode as well as in esports tournaments!

Below, you’ll find a full list of new additions to the esports Arsenal that are already available in the game! It contains popular assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and a bunch of top-tier equipment. All the listed items are well-balanced against the other weapons and equipment unlocked for esports.

We believe that this slight change will give you more variability and flexibility when choosing your perfect competitive loadout. So grab your favorite weapons, gear up, and show the world what you can do with all these new elimination tools!

New Items List:

Assault rifles: 

  • Bastion, grade 1, power 1940
  • WASP, grade 0, power 1580
  • Survivor, grade 0, power 1570


  • Reaper, special grade, power 2390
  • Joker, special grade, power 1630
  • Exorcist, grade 2, power 2160

Sniper rifles:

  • Last Breath, grade 0, power 1500
  • Stormbringer, grade 1, power 1720

Machine guns:

  • Hero, grade 0, power 1800
  • Zeus, grade 0, power 1800


  • Antidote, grade 11


  • Paracelsus, grade 3
  • Bulwark, grade 3
  • Colossus, grade 3


  • Reanimator, grade 3
  • Wombat, grade 3

Make sure to share any and all feedback about Guns of Boom esports on social media - we process it all, and it helps us improve the competitive gameplay experience.  

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