Diwali is a holiday that celebrates the triumph of light over the forces of darkness. It is the perfect time to fight for everything good and pure, and fend off everything evil – join the event!

Fight in battles, complete free and contract challenges, and win amazing rewards, including an all-new thematic costume.

Diwali celebrations will last for 7 days: from November 2 to November 9.

During this time, all gunslingers level 5+ will be able to participate and win special goodies.


At the start of the event, there will be 10 challenges for all gunslingers: 3 of them are absolutely free, the other 7 unlock once you sign an event contract. As usual, once you complete all the available challenges, you can refresh your contract, and get new challenges with new exciting rewards.

You can complete challenges in classic battles and brawls.


Completing event challenges will grant you various rewards, including Battle Coins and consumables.

When you buy a contract, you instantly get the mask for the Kali Warrior costume – it’ll appear in your in-game mail.

Complete 7 out of 10 challenges, and get the full-body Kali Warrior costume in your Arsenal!

Completing other challenges will bring you event cases as well as Battle Coins.

So, let’s light up the sky, chase the darkness away, and prove that a million little candles can shine brighter than a bonfire. Fight the dark, and stay pure!

Good luck, gunslinger. See you in battle!

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