Hey gunslingers! Time for another fireside chat, and this time we’re talking about the abuse of the league system. Let’s start off with some theory.

Players get put into servers based on their current league. Your league should represent your general skill level and your mastery of the game. However, some players found a way to abuse the system: they gradually gained XP to level up, yet deliberately lost and left battles to stay in their current league without ranking up. This allowed them to reach higher levels and unlock better weapons, while continue playing with players of lower levels who didn’t have the arsenal unlocks they did. This goes against the spirit of fair play that we hold high in Gods of Boom. 

We came up with a solution – we now have a method that detects player behavior aimed at abusing the league system. Players found with this method will be forced to one of the higher leagues, based on their account stats. This should make low-level matches less stressful while increasing the competitiveness of high-level battles. Don’t worry – this method takes in many parameters, and it’s highly unlikely that it will detect a system abuser in a regular player who is just making their way in the game.

Today we’ve already started moving abusive players from league to league. So, don’t be surprised if you notice some slight changes in the opponents you encounter in battles – low-level players will probably see the effect more clearly, while high-level players will simply get more people on the servers.

If you have any input on this situation – please let us know! Until next time. 

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