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There’s an epic in-game event happening in Guns of Boom, which is open to all players level 5 and up. Jump into the action, take part in CORP. WARS, and enjoy the first-ever in-game activity, where you choose a side, and stick with it for the whole event.


The event features 2 sides, represented by mighty and influential corporations: the militaristic and aggressive GOLIATH GROUP and the sly and clandestine PANDORA INC. At the start of the event, each player sides with either of these groups and stays with it until the end.


Depending on the side you took, you’ll get a unique set of daily challenges. Completing them will give you Standoff Points that directly increase your corporation’s influence. The side with the highest influence at the end of each day gets additional rewards for all of its fighters.


All event battles happen in Team Elimination mode, where every team has a limited number of lives (25 to be exact). Each eliminated player reduces the team’s life-count by 1. The team with the least lives at the end loses. It’s exciting, intense, and full of tactical opportunities.


Event fights take place in a whole new location called ISLAND: RUINS. It’s the first map in the game with dynamic objects, so get ready to adapt to a changing battlefield layout! Drawing bridges, special sniper platforms, a waterfall - this map has everything and more.

We’ve also prepared a top-down map of ISLAND: RUINS for you, so you could plan your tactics before going into battle for real.


There will be 2 fairs in the event: first one opens at the very start of CORP. WARS, the second one activates on week-2. You can get the tokens for the fairs from event fights, as well as from classic battles.

There’s a twist to the fairs this time, though: before you start spinning the wheel, you can choose the reward you’ll be spinning for! Simply turn over cards with possible items, and once you find the one you want, start spinning for it. The choice is always yours! The possible fairs are reset once every 24 hours, or you can do it for event tokens.


Just like with the daily challenges, the side you choose at the beginning affects the contracts you get and the challenges in them. Completing contracts for the GOLIATH GROUP will get you their trademark outfit, and finishing both contracts for PANDORA INC. will bring you a stylish cyberpunk costume straight from their HQ.

Keep in mind, that after you make the initial choice at the start of the event, you won’t be able to change your mind. So there’s no way to get both costumes by the end of the event – choose your side wisely.

That’s the meat and bones of the event. Give it a try, explore the new map, check out the updated fairs mechanics, and join the race for the highest influence!

Good luck!

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