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  • IMPROVEMENT: It seems reasonable that after we added standings for you to check from Clash menu and region selection, that opened standings page should reflect your region, right? Well, not it actually does so. If your play in NA region, for example, the Standings button will show the results of teams for Noth America. 
  • FIX: Map Pool popup window may have looked weird for some players on iOS, so we fixed that.

HINT: Season 14 just started and new Clash is a great chance to boost your Battle Career, don’t miss it.



  • NEW: The King. The long-awaited feature. THE REGION SELECTION is here! Feel free to change your region or the region of your team. Feel free to invite players from other regions! It doesn't matter if you have a precious clanmate overseas or your friend is studying abroad. We believe that friendship has no borders! Note, that both personal and team region changes can be made anytime except the Clash you're participating in is running. Also, you're allowed to participate only in a single region's Clash per week.
  • NEW: Don't forget to pay your attention to the brand new look of your in-game tournament lobby! And check out the match history after the Clash ends ;) Looks gorgeous, right?
  • FIX: The Clash date is now back to the card and is displayed near the week number.
  • FIX: Minor UI Clash page fixes for the phones with a notch.
  • FIX: Some of the read notification pretended to be unread. They won't do this anymore.

HINT: Notifications are your friends. They might be annoying from time to time, but they care about you. Reading Clash notifications on the main page is the most convenient way to receive team invites or to get useful information about the team picked you as an agent. We tried to include only the most valuable events' highlights, but let us know if you got tired of any type of them! Your opinion matters!



IMPORTANT: We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the several issues found in the latest GOB version, we have to postpone Week 9 Clash for one more week. Yes, we do want you to compete with each other, but we care about your Clash experience. And yes, we miss you!

  • NEW: Clash NOTIFICATIONS system! Yes, we received all of your messages about team invites been missed by your comrades. And about the check-in phase missed by the selected agents. And about your dog's mealtime missed by you grinding the event points. ... JK, these notifications won't help in this situation. Please, take care of your buddy! Well, finally, we integrated a brand new notifications section on the main Clash page! It contains all of the important events happening with the tournament, your team, your precious teammates, etc. Nothing would go unnoticed anymore! And there's no need to look for team invitations in the in-game mail. It's such a good place for your battle coins and Clash rewards, right?
  • NEW: There's a new Standings button on the main Clash page! Check out the best teams in the current season and make sure all of your teammates have trained enough to lead your team to the top!
  • UPDATE: Up to 5 team invites to choose from! It's good to be fast and to be the first one to occupy the team invitation slot. However, we think it's good to have a choice while thinking about joining the team. Now all of the captains can send up to 5 invites. And all of the players can receive up to 5 invites from different teams. You can find all of them in the notifications. Btw, you're able to check out the team's info before accepting anything. Choose wisely!
  • FIX: We increased the font size on the Bracket tab, so you can pay even more attention to your opponents.

HINT: The free agent list contains players that are very similar to your team members' stats. However, the 'similarity index' decreases, starting from left to right. That means that the fifth player in the list might have a lower league rank, but his KD would be higher than your team's average. Will you go with a safe choice or with a risky, but maybe a stronger one? Your decision matters! 


July 2 - UPDATES

IMPORTANT: Due to July 4th celebrations in the US, we decided to move Clash for North America to July 5th (Sunday). We wish our American participants to have a great time with their families! Happy Independence Day! 

  • NEW: We added your team's name, tag, and logo to the main Clash page's top-left area. If you don't have a team, you'll have a Create button in the same place. We believe this change will bring the most important Team information closer to you.
  • NEW: We added new icons to the Team members' page. Now all of the invited or permanent members are green, while free agents are orange. And if you have any grey member icons in your team, you'd better have a closer look at them. These guys haven't attended your team's previous tournament. Make sure they contacted our support team if they have any issues with Clash or with the game. Both team members that haven't accepted their invites yet and free agents waiting for your decision on their membership will have an additional clock icon.
  • FIX: Minor performance fixes.

HINT: Every team invitation expires in five days. It will expire earlier if this team participates in the tournament, and the registration is closed.



  • Update & FIX: We're happy a lot of players liked the new team invites feature. But unfortunately, due to its introduction team sign up process became confusing for the new teams. It was not clear that every team captain had to wait till at least one member accepts his invitation, and after that, he had to get back and tap Sign up with a team again to finish his team's registration. It was frustrating, and we had many players who didn't realize they were not registered. With today's update, Sign up with a team button properly finish the team's registration even if you're alone in a newly created team. However, you still need at least two players to get access to the free agents' page. Be careful. If none of your friends of clanmates accepts your invitation until the registration is closed, you will be excluded from the tournament after the qualification ends.
  • FIX: Fixed the visual bug when the same players were displayed in two teams. 
  • FIX: Fixed the bug prevented the team's editing and management after the Clash ended.
  • FIX: Various technical fixes & stability improvements.

HINT: Don't forget to claim your prizes on time! All of the in-game mails have expiration timer. Also, the battle career exp can turn into a pumpkin once a new season starts!



  • NEW: Insignias for players. Starting his week, you won't see the same familiar face on agents' cards. Every player presented there now has his in-game insignia.
  • FIX: Last week's qualification matches proved useful but didn't work exactly as we wanted. Well, now they definitely should, and will allow all teams attending the Clash to have the best experience.
  • FIX: We've deployed further fixes to how teams move through the bracket to minimize all possible delays with sending invitations.



  • NEW: Clash Qualifiers. We know how disappointing it is when you're placed in the bracket with the teams that didn't show up. To make sure we're creating the brackets with the online teams only, we added one more battle after the tournament starts. In a few words, you will play the qualification round first and will be added to the tournament bracket by its result.
    All of the teams that didn't show up to the qualifiers will be excluded from the tournament. The same goes for the players - they won't be able to join after the tournament starts. Remember, even if your team lost its qualification round, it would be invited to the next tournament game.
  • FIX: Fixed the bug encountered by three teams last week. They got 2nd place rewards instead of the 1st place.
  • FIX: Agents added to the new or existing team automatically now can see the tournament's bracket.
  • FIX: Winners tab now has more teams and less white space. Team members' roles added to the victorious team pop-up.
  • FIX: Added descriptions to the buttons on the main Clash page.
  • FIX: Fixed some push notifications. They will be on time and with the right messages now.


June 5 - HOTFIX

  • FIX: We fixed the Agents screen. It correctly shows all five cards if there are more than four agents available for your team.
  • FIX: Check-in button is now always visible for Agents alongside the Leave button. It is grey and not active until the registration is closed.
  • FIX: Teams haven't played at least one game during the tournament won't be rewarded.
  • FIX: Players accepted team invitations will stay on the Team page. We won't redirect you to the main Clash screen anymore.

HINT: Got your tournament battle invitation while fighting in the normal game? There's nothing to worry about. Finish your battle, go to the Mode selection screen and tap on the Group button. It will open your tournament lobby!


  • NEW: You're not added, but INVITED to the team now! After receiving an invitation, we'll notify you about it with the in-game mail, push notification, and even with the "!" sign near the team's button on the main Clash screen. There's no chance you'll miss it! And there's no chance you'll be added to any team without your permission.
  • UPDATE: Cities and regions are replaced with the timezones on the Main screen. One point to communication transparency.
  • FIX: Refresh button now works correctly on the Agents screen. Don't like those suggested by the system? Tap the Refresh button and try again!
  • FIX: Some players could receive more than one in-game mail about certain Clash events. You won't be annoyed by this bug anymore.
  • FIX: Some agents could get back to the Agents list even if they are picked by another team before. We don't like double agents, fixed this.
  • FIX: We fixed nicknames' fonts. IT wAS jUSt AwkWArD.
  • FIX: The Team tab won't disappear after the registration is finished.

HINT: Clash tournaments have some unique game modes and maps, like Team Elimination or Point Domination. Read more about them on our website:

June 2 - UPDATES

  • NEW: Check-in for Free Agents. We noticed that some Free Agents forgot about their tournament registrations, while the teams picked them expected them to play. To avoid a negative experience related to their absence, we decided to add a Check-in phase for Free Agents. It begins 1 hour before the tournament starts and lasts for 45 minutes. Free Agents missed the Check-in phase will be excluded from the tournament. If any Free Agent picked by your team fails his check-in, the system will automatically replace him with one suitable for your team. The Check-in button will be located on the main screen of each Clash.
  • NEW: Free Agents' Teams. We are happy that so many Agents decided to volunteer and took part in the tournament with incomplete teams! However, we noticed a lot of them couldn't participate in Clash due to these teams' small numbers. This week if you confirmed your participation in the tournament during the Check-in phase, but no one picked you, or there are no incomplete teams left, you and another three Free Agents would be gathered in a Team of four to participate in the tournament. And don't worry, you can still leave the team or stay with your new teammates and start your esports journey together later.

HINT: Captain's always the last one off. To disband your team, you have to kick your teammates first. And don't forget to press F.


May 29 - FIXES

  • FIX: It is not possible to select and share any UI parts on the Clash screen anymore. Yep, no more accidental arrow or button shares.
  • FIX: Some teams noticed their Tag and Team name changed to Team and Team. Fixed.
  • FIX: UI scroll fix on the Winners screen.

HINT: You have five days to promote any free agent played with you recently to the team member. Don't miss this opportunity!


  • NEW: You won't miss your tournament battle invitation anymore. If you're getting an invite while browsing the Clash screen, you'll see a pop-up window indicating your tournament lobby is waiting for you.
  • UPDATE: Team screen UI improvements. It doesn't matter how long your teammate's nickname is. It will still be big enough to be able to read it.
  • FIX: Fixed team tag's error, which blocked tournament registration.
  • FIX: Fixed team pop-up layout for Winners and Bracket screens.
  • FIX: Minor text improvements. No typos allowed.
  • FIX: Some teams didn't move to the next round automatically due to various issues. Fixed this.
  • FIX: Last week, Free Agents were not automatically assigned to incomplete teams after the registration closed. We found the issue and fixed it. If you didn't have enough time to gather the team, you'd get a Free Agent automatically

HINT: The more Clash tournaments you win, the stronger your opponents will be. Yes, that's true.


  • NEW: Even if you can't sign up to the tournament with a team of one player, you can still create one on the main screen and decide on the team members later. Don't forget, that you can pick agents only after submitting for the tournament (available for teams of two, three or four members)
  • UPDATE: Now your team name is unique, however, your team tag is not. Each team with a non-unique name will receive a number (for example, Brazukas 2) and an extra name-changing option. // The pair of name + tag was unique before
  • UPDATE: Players from Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Israel are in Europe clash region now. To avoid technical instability we had to make changes in these players' teams. They were notified about these changes via in-game mail.
  • FIX: Fixed several bugs with Team card resolution on the Winners and the Bracket screens
  • Stability improvement

HINT: You can check out every upcoming Clash's map pool in advance. Tap on the following button in the Bracket menu after you signed up to the tournament.



We’re launching a closed beta of a completely new competitive format called Clash Tournaments. It’s a unique game mode that brings the esports experience to all players. Doesn’t matter if you’re a lone wolf or a premade team of four – Clash Tournaments will let you enjoy competitive battles on a whole new level! This feature is currently available to players level 45+. 

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