Hello gunslingers. 

Today we want to provide you with updates on our competitive roadmap. Yes, the latest events that happened in the world brought significant changes, but we still stay true to our intentions to deliver an accessible and genuinely mobile esports experience to all of the GOB players.

Season 3 is not coming. 

For the last two years, we built a league based on the online qualifiers and offline events where people from different regions could compete against each other. Sadly, this is impossible to handle nowadays. 

To keep our esports community growing and to continue supporting our esports fans, we decided to focus on online competitions instead, and bring esports to everyone’s home. 

Gods of Boom is now being integrated into various tournament platforms. And that means:

  • New leagues are coming - regional ones, too
  • Tournaments for different skill-levels are possible now
  • Every community member can become a tournament organizer and develop his esports community
  • You’re free to choose the tournament platform you like

This was made possible by the development of special esports features comparable to those existing in the biggest esports titles. 

Also, from version 16.0 update, we announce the launch of the CLASH tournaments Closed Beta. It is a brand new type of in-game tournament that is available for every team, or even solo players in the game. 

The tournament platform is developed by our team and fully integrated into the game client, making the registration process as simple as you have never seen before. 

Sign up with your team of two, three, or four and follow the tournament bracket of eight teams chosen from the full list of the ones registered to CLASH. 

You don’t need to type your friend’s in-game ID anymore - choose those you want to invite from the list with a single tap!

Or sign up as a free agent and wait for another team to choose you as their team member to compete with others! 

Yes, you’ve heard it right - every captain of the team of two or three will be able to choose an agent from the list to compete in the tournament! 

Closed Beta will be available for all GOB players level 45 and above first. 

During this tournament, players are following esports regulations by competing with esports loadouts and pro play rules. Learn more about them here.

Follow our news and check the Schedule more often to make sure you don’t miss the tournaments! 

Stay tuned! And stay safe <3

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