After a few months of intense testing, the first Clash Beta is officially over. Thank you all for your engagement and feedback - you’ve helped us a great deal!


Don’t know what Clash is? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Clash is a new in-game feature that allows Gods of Boom players to enjoy a competitive format without leaving the game
  • Both individual players and teams can take part in these tournaments
  • The beta test was available to a limited audience of players level 45+
  • The test tournaments took place from May 23 to August 15

The Results

During the beta, we’ve held a lot of players taking part in competitions - both solo and together with their existing teams. Here are some numbers.

  • 90% of active players level 45+ took part in the beta
  • 93% of Free Agents found teams to play with
  • 52% of teams used Free Agents in their games

We're happy that the system works and allows both solo players and premade teams to fully enjoy the competitive format! 

We’ve improved this unique mode on a weekly basis! A list of all Clash changes can be found here.

The battles were hot, competitive, and a lot of times very close - gunslingers fought tooth and nail for each victory point. We respect the enormous determination and effort of our players, so we saved all the stats. You can take a look at the results of the beta test on the official Clash website in the Standings section.

We want to show our gratitude to all the gunslingers who played Clash by giving them unique insignias, special badges of honor. Players who took part in 6 or more tournaments, will also get a cool mask. You will get your rewards by the end of this week. In the future, when the Rating System is fully done, we'll add rewards for Clash winners based on their ratings.

What comes next

The beta generated a lot of data and feedback, so we need some time to process it and implement some changes. However, we believe that this won’t take long. Here are some things we plan to look into:

  • Lowering the level requirements for Clash participants
  • Improving matchmaking based on ratings to allow more players into Clash
  • Localizing all the Clash texts into all the languages the game’s available in. That way the competition will truly be worldwide and there will be no boundaries for in-game esports
  • Adding iPad support - we hope to see tablet players in the next stages!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Soon all Clash players will receive a link to a survey. Please take it and provide all the feedback you might have - it will help us greatly!

We’ll see you very soon in the next version of Clash. Stay tuned! 

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