The corporations think they can silence us by a press of a button. They pretend not to hear our cries of outrage and frustration. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Big money has been running the world for years. Corporate fat cats are the ones who define freedom, liberty, and the ways we live and think. It’s time to take back what’s rightfully ours – our freedom!

During the OVERRIDE attack on corporate servers, we’ve breached a lot of security protocols, which allowed us to change the rules of the game in our favor. We have to give put all our hearts and minds into the battle at hand if we want to have a fighting chance at winning the war. Don’t let our success go to waste – join the Resistance and stay strong.


Thanks to your efforts, we’ve made a serious dent in the corporate mainframe, and now we can tailor the seasons to our own needs. Here are some changes you’ll notice.


  • Everyone gets more Battle Career experience from classic fights. Your hard work on the battlefield must be rewarded!
  • The corporate tracking systems are working day and night, so it’s wise to go off the radar every once in a while. That’s why I’ve added limits to the amounts of experience you can claim during a single day. When you stop gaining Battle Career experience, you can still get gunbucks and complete challenges.
  • The Marathon. It used to be a once-a-day thing. I found the string that defined the 24-hour interval and made some changes… Now you can claim free XP several times a day. We need to level up fast if we want to take down the man!


  • Gunslingers with the Season Pass (or the Golden Season Pass) get more Battle Career experience before reaching the session limit. Two times more experience, to be precise. That’s a lot.
  • I made the drones faster, all of them. Now they bring your goods at increased speed, improving your efficiency.


We used to have fragments specific for a certain item. I found out that the corp servers were hiding special wildcard fragments that fit ANY ITEM OF A GIVEN TYPE! The cat is out of the box - you get these U-Fragments for ranking up in Battle Career and decide for yourself how you wish to spend them. Prepare your Arsenal for the war ahead!


The corporations have been trying to lure us into slumber with exquisite costumes and other accessories, but we’re gunslingers, not fashion icons. From now on, we get fewer threads and a whole lot more firepower. However, I’ve kept some customization on the seasonal menu – some for fun, some for work. For instance, my Bionic Rebel mask and costume should help you keep your anonymity among these countless security cameras.


Being angry and rightfully outraged is only half the battle – we need gear to push back the corporate machine. And gear we shall have! This time, Battle Fairs offer a new set of 16 items over a period of 40 days: you’ll find awesome weapons, equipment, and more! You can find out how it works here.


Our fight for freedom wouldn’t be complete without special weekend activities, something to spice things up and lift everyone’s spirits. This time, I’m running a new brawl script called Double Trouble. To learn more, press F1 or type –help in the command prompt. Kidding, the info will appear right here when the time comes. There, you’ll also find all the details about the season’s brawls. Here’s what you can expect in the near future:

Another important change on the weekends – the new reward system. The ultimate reward for completing a brawl contract is no longer an insignia, it’s a boost of your career XP along with unique designs for your name and icon. Determined Resistance supporters should be able to stand out among their peers.

That’s enough to get you started on your way to dismantling the tyrannic system. Stay in touch, and don’t get caught. Good luck, friends.

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