We decided to start the year off by fine-tuning some of the guns and equipment in the game. Check out the changes along with some developer commentary down below.

Weapon Balance


  • Reduced hip-fire damage by 33%
  • Reduced damage from fully drawn bow by 16%
  • Now, damage depends more on the amount of time you’re drawing the bow

Dev Commentary: Orochi had an OP combo of fully drawn shot + hip-fire shot, which left the enemy almost no chance to react. That’s the reason we’re reducing damage. The combo is still highly effective, yet it gives your opponent a fighting chance to retaliate.


  • The damage boost from losing health is now 30% less effective. For example, if you lose 10% of your HP, you will gain a 7% damage boost instead of gaining a 10% boost

Dev Commentary: Berserker’s perk provided a huge damage boost (up to x2) which made it imbalanced in certain situations and overall inconsistent. Reducing bonus damage without modifying the gun’s base damage should make it more reliable and balanced.


  • The chance to penetrate armor is increased from 33% to 40%

Dev Commentary: Chopper is a powerful weapon with original mechanics that can change the tide of battle if the player uses their positioning correctly. Buffing the Needle perk we want to increase the gun’s potential and give players more control over the situation.


  • Damage per shot reduced by 17%
  • Magazine capacity reduced from 20 to 15 rounds

Dev Commentary: This weapon was too powerful, so we decided to take it down a notch.


  • Power Cells now regenerate armor differently: 25% instantly and 25% more over the next 4 seconds (they used to regenerate 50% armor over a period of 8 seconds)

Dev Commentary: Reaper has high DPS and a powerful perk called Harvesting, which increases armor and makes the player more mobile. It’s a skill-based weapon and requires players to use their positioning to the max for the best results. However, this perk did not work to its full potential when a player faced off against several opponents. We’ve tweaked the mechanics in such a way that players now have higher chances of staying alive thanks to the weapon’s unique features. We know there are many fans of Reaper among Gods of Boom players, so make sure to let us know how this shotgun feels after the change.


  • Increased scattering so the weapon feels more like a real assault rifle

Dev Commentary: Sunburst was dominating due to very low bullet scattering. It could land up to 100% of its shots even if the player was moving. We’ve added some scattering without changing the damage, so the gun is as deadly as ever, but it takes a little more skill to handle.

Other Changes


  • Fixed the issue with Incinerator’s fire damage not stacking with fire damage from other sources – now everything works as it should.


  • Fixed the bug which prevented proper registering of incoming damage.


  • Fixed the perk’s faulty description: the helmet only blocks explosive damage from consumables.


  • The cooldown timer at upgrade level 5 was wrong and equaled 40 seconds. Now, the cooldown of the helmet’s ability is 60 seconds at all upgrade levels, just as we intended.

Ranger (Pro Play)

  • The level of Ranger in Pro Play mode is now 2 instead of 3.

That’s it for today, but there’s more news coming your way very soon. Stay tuned!

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