As we keep adding new guns on a regular basis, we don't want our old-timers to stick out like sore thumbs in your Arsenal because they are lacking in some way. This balance patch is aimed at fixing the power discrepancies as well as making the guns the way we envisioned them all along. The changes are small but essential nevertheless.


Two short-range powerhouses got some readjustments. The modifications are not drastic, but they should make you want to create more diverse loadouts.


  • Decreased damage per shot by 7%


  • Increased damage per shot by 9%


We fixed the Incinerating perk. Previously, after the first shot set the opponent on fire for 5 seconds, all the consequent shots reset the counter to only 2 seconds of burning time; now, every shot resets the counter to 5 seconds of burning time as one would expect from this perk.


We further develop assault rifles to make them more useful for specific purposes. Assault rifles are known to be a universal type of gun, but we think that gameplay that is reliant on skill and your ability to adapt, is more fun and rewarding.


  • Rate of fire increased by 6%

  • Decreased damage per shot and fire damage by 3%


We noticed that the autofire would set off a meter closer to the target than the claimed maximum firing distance of this gun should be, that is, the weapon should start firing, but doesn't until you'd come 1 meter closer to the target. Now it's fixed!


  • The maximum firing distance increased from 22 to 23 meters

  • Decreased the maximum bullet spread when shooting from the hip, but the spread now increases the longer you shoot


Same as with Incinerator, we fixed the issue with autofire activating 1 meter closer than it was supposed to.

That is all for this balance patch. You can always tell us how we're doing on our Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram pages. Your feedback always helps us to see the bigger picture, and we appreciate that.


Bullet spread - The diameter around the center of the crosshair, in which the fired bullets hit the target.

Maximum bullet spread - The ceiling rate for bullet spread that can never be exceeded.

Maximum firing distance - The distance to a target from which you can start shooting.

Rate of fire - How many shots your gun fires in 60 seconds.

Damage Per Shot - Damage dealt by a single shot from a weapon.

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