What’s up, Gunslinger? We’re releasing the new game update and some minor but important balance changes along with it. 

The goal of the current balanced patch is to equalize the potential of very powerful weapons and equipment. We believe they should be situational and have their strengths and weaknesses, instead of being the universal answer to any problem on the battlefield. Therefore, we’ve added small changes that will make the game more exciting and balanced. As always, we’ll guide you through the crucial details.

Table Of Contents:

Assault Rifles

We continue to make changes to fast-shooting and deadly at close-range assault rifles so that they can compete with other effective melee weapons — the shotguns.


  • Decreased damage by 12%

  • Decreased maximum damage distance (from 7 to 5 meters)

  • Decreased magazine capacity (from 30 to 27)

Developer сommentary: A very fast fire rate and three powerful perks made Wasp an extremely lethal melee weapon, not to mention the huge mag and relatively little recoil at close range. To make the weapon more balanced, and dependent on the skills, we decreased damage and mag capacity.


  • Increased damage by 11%

  • Piercing damage activates on the first hit

Developer commentary: Survivor is the star of TWD collab and is still new in the game. After playing with it for some time and giving it more thought, we figured that the piercing perk that deals damage over time should activate on the first hit to give Survivor more substance on the battlefield, considering the effect can be removed with healing consumables.


This balance patch brings changes to one of the most popular shotguns in the game. The modifications aren’t too drastic, but they should improve the balance of powers.


  • Decreased chance of dealing extra damage from 50% to 25%

Developer commentary: Joker is a heck of a gun that gives an unfair advantage to its owner, thanks to the combination of a strong perk and a huge rate of fire, making it possible to stay effective even with low-effort gameplay. To remedy this, we've decreased the chance of the perk going off. Other features remain unchanged.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles have been actively evolving throughout several recent balance patches, and are in the place we wanted them to be, so this time around, only slight changes were made. 

Last Breath

  • Sniper scope changed from x6 to x4

Developer commentary: Last Breath is considered one of the deadliest weapons since the first appearance in the game, and after several changes, we've reached the right balance of its features. To make the gun even more player-friendly, we decreased scope magnification for easier aiming.


  • Decreased rate of fire by 10%

Developer commentary: Not much was changed in the performance of Icebreaker. We slightly decreased the fire rate to nerf it a bit without taking away its character.

Machine Guns

This time, we didn’t let the machine gun with a special perk go unnoticed — made Zeus a little bit more powerful. Here’s what we’ve changed.


  • Added better aiming mechanics

  • Increased accuracy

Developer commentary: Zeus is notorious for being somewhat clunky. Despite the unique ability to unleash AOE chain-lightnings, the spread was noticeably bigger than with other machine guns, making Zeus lacking in the damage department. To balance it out, we improved the aiming time, thus increasing the accuracy and lessening the spread.

Head Gear

We made some changes to the balance for helmets and pants not too long ago, making them a better fit for specializations. This balance patch features a couple of changes for helmets to improve their performance even further.


  • After landing a hit, the player becomes visible

Developer commentary: We've made a decision to make this helmet more dependent on the tactics. Killing your enemies while invisible and being stealthy can give you all sorts of advantages for prevailing in combat. To make the gameplay fairer, we've added the feature where the player becomes visible after landing a hit. Gods of Boom is an FPS, not a stealth-action after all.


  • Increased amounts of restored armor and health

  • Restored armor can exceed max armor then gradually gets back to the max amount

Developer commentary: To add a little bit of edge to the helmet we've not only increased the regeneration capacity but also added new mechanics. Now Paracelsus puts on armor points OVER maximum capacity for a limited time if the armor was full when the helmet was activated. Use it depending on the outcome you want: for healing as usual or to give yourself a little bit of advantage before the attack.

That’s all the changes for today.


Bullet spread - the diameter around the center of the crosshair, in which the fired bullets hit the target.

Recoil - the force with which the weapon “hits you back” once you fire. The recoil causes your crosshair to move.

Maximum damage distance - the distance at which your gun deals maximum damage.

Rate of fire - How many shots your gun does in 60 seconds.

Magazine capacity - the number of rounds in a full magazine.

Aiming time - the time it takes for a sniper rifle in scoped mode to fully aim at a target and make the shot.

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