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As we were overhauling the game and reworking the core mechanics, we thought it would be fitting to implement some balance changes we've been contemplating for a while. They are based on in-depth analytics, community feedback, and tons of testing. We're sure you're going to like what you see!



  • Charging speed increased — now it only takes 0,5 seconds (instead of 0,8 seconds)
  • Rate of fire decreased by 30%
  • Maximum distance changed from 10 to 9 meters

Dev Commentary: Despite having lots of damage, Exorcist was a tough gun to handle. Decreasing rate of fire and increasing charging speed should make it a little easier to use and control while keeping the overall DPS intact. The maximum firing distance has also been changed to decrease the chances of low damage at long distances. Now you need to get closer, but you have better chances of eliminating the opponent as well.


  • Damage increased by 15%

Dev Commentary: We know how much you love Chopper and how hard you’ve waited for this buff. We believe this increase in damage output together with the previous buff of the Needle perk will make Chopper a feasible weapon without overpowering it.



  • Active perk duration decreased to 3 seconds
  • Item upgrades do not affect perk duration
  • The item’s description has been changed to make the mechanics of the helmet clearer at a glance

Dev Commentary: Undying was giving players a huge advantage in battle while being an extremely easy-to-use item. However, the duration of the perk was too long: it was hard to counter the effects of Undying, and players could activate it several seconds before going into a fight and still use all the advantages. Reduced active perk duration requires the player to choose the activation moment more carefully and gives the opponents a chance to “wait out” for the perk to subside before fighting back. This raises the required skill level for making Undying useful while completely saving its initial power.


We often get feedback and concerns from our players about the balance of consumables in the game. After making a detailed research on the subject and collecting tons of data, we’ve decided to implement some important changes. Take a look!


  • Damage decreased by 19%

Dev Commentary: G-Launchers were one of the most damaging consumables in the game while being pretty simple in their use. Often matches were won and lost just because of a few well-placed rockets. Reducing the damage will make them more fair in terms of balance between required skill and dealt damage. G-Launchers are consumables, not primary weapons, and we want to support it by numbers as well. 


  • Damage reduction buffs no longer stack up

Dev Commentary: The stacking of damage reduction buffs felt too overpowered to some players, and we totally agree with them. Nerfing this feature should make Stim-Guns more balanced and fair.


This time, the balance patch also addresses some specialization perks. We plan to rework the whole perk system in the near future, and the current changes are just a teaser of things to come. Don’t worry though – we know how much time and energy you’ve spent collecting and upgrading perks, and we’ll take that into account.

Sniper Perks

  • Another Shot and High Ground perks no longer stack their effects
  • When both perks are chosen in a loadout, only High Ground provides its bonuses

Dev Commentary: Due to the mechanics of Another Shot, it was unusable with rifles that take some time to charge and gave DMRs an advantage. Now, players need to think which of these two perks they need more for their loadout. If both are chosen, only High Ground will be applied. These are the only two perks in the game that intentionally don’t stack up, and we’re sure this will make regular sniper rifles more appealing to players. We’ve also added this info into the perks’ descriptions so you don’t get confused. 

That’s all for 24.0 but we will make more adjustments if the need for them becomes obvious. Stay tuned!

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