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Hello everyone! This is an update about our progress in the war on cheats that we’ve been waging for a while: we are strongly committed to fair play and have had major success in this complicated matter.

The war on hacking is ongoing, and every day we improve our methods of eliminating unfair play despite the cheaters’ futile attempts at finding new ways to get unjust advantages in the game.

The Numbers

Since we started the war on unfair play, we’ve permanently banned nearly 30,000 cheaters in the game.

The Security Levels

The anti-cheat system is no simple line of code, it’s a multi-level system that strives to ensure the most honest and unbiased evaluation of a player’s behavior. Take a look at how it works.


There are different cheats that we are pro-actively blocking. Our team is constantly improving protections and catching abusers off-guard as they are unable to know whether they are being tracked. We regularly roll out unexpected updates that improve abuser tracking.

The devs are also working on the game’s code, making it harder to crack – we strive to treat the cause, instead of dealing with the symptoms.

Another update - we've found an ally in this war. Our partner is an experienced developer of anti-cheat solutions for big online games. When it comes to fighting unfair play, we want to be as far ahead of the cheaters as possible.


We have begun the process of identifying the people who develop cheats and taking them to court IRL! There is already a lawsuit filed against 7 Guns of Boom cheat developers who harmed the game a lot with their cheat software.

This is our new line of defense. We believe this will let others know that we’re serious about protecting the game and gameplay. Lawsuits take time, of course, so we will continue to improve our technological defenses, to encourage our community to report suspicious activities, to investigate and act on evidence of malicious behavior, and to ban cheat dealers and others who abuse the game.

Dealers are the people who distribute cheating software online. We scout them out on social networks, websites, on YouTube, and in dozens of other places. As soon as we spot a cheats dealer, we report them to the platform, which in turn blocks them. There are several reasons for it:

  • We don’t want hackers spoiling your gameplay experience
  • Cheats often contain scamming software, spyware and other malicious code that may result in loss of personal data, including your personal account info


Our community helps us spot suspicious activity ASAP, and we’re very grateful for the players’ input. The in-game reports along with detailed evidence that players send to the support team give us a lot of useful data on potential abusers. We do not ban players permanently based only on this information though, because there are always players who receive reports just for playing well and showing great skills.

The Future

The methods and mechanics we use in this war are becoming more effective each day. We’re constantly improving our defenses and thinking ahead of the abusers, not giving them any breathing room: both in the virtual realm and in the real world.

We will keep you informed on the subject because we understand how important this issue is to everyone who plays and loves the game.

The Guide

If you’ve spotted a player who is obviously behaving strangely, please do the following steps. It will help to keep the servers clean and fun for everyone.

  • Press the REPORT button (in the scoreboard during the battle or from your battles history) and describe in detail what the player was doing wrong.
  • Write a ticket to our Support Team by going to Settings -> Help -> Help in the game. Preferably attach video/screenshot proof of the player cheating. The more details you provide, the faster we can investigate and take measures.
  • If you see someone on social networks spreading links to Guns of Boom cheats and hacks, send the link to our Support Team and report the original post.

Reporting suspicious players is very important because cheaters are making the game worse in many ways.

  • The overall fun of gameplay drops significantly when there’s a cheater in your match.
  • Cheats can often damage your device, and it’s common that links to cheats lead to phishing websites that gather your personal data. Be careful.

Stay safe, play fair, and report those who break the rules. This is the only way to keep our servers safe from all the wrongdoers.

The Acknowledgements

Finally, our deepest gratitude goes out to all moderators and community members who do their best to keep the game fair and clean. Their thorough reports and attention to detail allow us to do our job more efficiently, which in turn makes the game more enjoyable. Thanks to everyone for upholding the values of fair-play!

More info on the history of cheat-fighting, as well as advice on how to behave if you’ve spotted a cheater can be found in our previous Reddit post. Check it out to get the full picture!

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