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The spookiest holiday of the year brings about a new game mode, a new map, a new AR and vest, and a ton of blood-curdling cosmetics that’ll make your character stand out from the crowd. Experience the rush of adrenaline in the all-new event!


By double-tapping the screen, you could quickly change the primary weapon in your hands. However, that worked well when there were only 2 weapons in a loadout, not 4. Now the button will by default switch between the primary guns of your selected Specialization unless you manually choose another weapon in the drop-down selection.


From now on, solo players will get matched only against other solo players, and premade groups will only play against other parties. This should bring more balance to the battlefield. However, this change made us temporarily disable Featured Mode so groups don’t have to wait even longer in line. Last but not least, we’ve removed the button that allowed you to stay as a team for the next match after a battle for solo players.


  • Fixed the issue which caused the UI to break once you ran out of primary weapon ammo and couldn't draw your pistol
  • Fixed the bug which prevented the Schedule from closing on the first try
  • Fixed the problem that caused UI to break down after you checked another player's Battle Career level after battle
  • Fixed the issue with the sound on Realme RMX devices 


  • Fixed the issue with unwanted weapon switching after being eliminated
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes prevented weapons from reloading
  • Fixed the problem that caused players to spawn with as much ammo as they had before being eliminated
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from firing after picking up a weapon

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