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Enjoy the careless life of a pirate, get as much treasure as you can, and fight all the fights you can get into! We’ve prepared a completely new brawl, U-Fragments for pistols and knives as well as a bunch of amazing cosmetic items for all you corsairs out there. Read this guide for full info


An underwater event will soon start in the game: explore a top-secret military lab at the bottom of the sea and unlock new gear!


  • Improved the animations of the character interacting with some pistols as well as animations of Damascus and Shark knives
  • Fixed the issue with the Unequip button causing errors on guns purchases after trial
  • Item icons are now static in special offer windows.
  • Fixed the friendly trap of Bear Trap shotgun being highlighted in red in Free For All mode – from now on, it will be highlighted in green
  • Fixed the issue which made players continue firing once they got the Vulcan gun in the Big Guns brawl
  • Fixed the bug which caused the Sea of Color weapon skin to show as black on Bear Trap 
  • Fixed the error which led to the recon’s Combo perk not working properly if the player had the Serpent knife equipped
  • Streetlights on Asia: Palace of Shadows have been fixed
  • Brawl nickname backgrounds are now displayed correctly on iOS devices
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