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Take a trip to the past in the new Corp Wars event and learn how the rivalry between Goliath Group and Pandora Inc. started.


You can now disable spectators in the settings to prevent people from watching your game. Keep in mind: if at least one person In battle has disabled spectators, no one will be able to watch this specific game.


  • Fixed the bug which caused weapons to not switch on double-tap after spawning
  • Fixed the bug that showed a new notification icon on the Mail section every time you launched the game
  • The reward preview button in the Battle Career is now fixed and opens the correct item
  • The amount of remaining Battle Coins is displayed correctly when you purchase ranks or a contract after the end of the season
  • Sending repetitive friend requests no longer prompts a "Request Error" window
  • Suppressor no longer wobbles during warm-up
  • The issue that caused a "Request Error" alert after repeatedly pressing the perk upgrade button has been fixed
  • Notifications about clan invitations and join requests now disappear once you react to them
  • Widgets in the main lobby no longer overlap when a season ends
  • Grenades no longer disappear on Elimination Cams

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!

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