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The new exciting season begins in Gods of Boom! A treasury of a forgotten civilization was found on the territory of Egypt. Immerse yourself in the lost world and come face to face with the unknown! More information about Act 2 Season 3 can be found in the article here.


In addition to other gorgeous skins worthy of the Pharaoh himself, the first animated skin was added to the game, and what a looker it is! Definitely, the epitome of the phrase “if looks could kill”!


Now, in the special offers window, you can try on new weapons and accessories before purchasing. Make sure everything fits you just right!


  • In the Settings window, notification that wouldn't disappear was displayed next to the aiming mode and social account linking options. This bug is now fixed.
  • Sometimes the notifications about new accessories would appear only after re-entering the game. Now it's fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with statistics and match history windows showing different durations of the battles.
  • Removing the emblem through the arsenal would sometimes return an error. Now it doesn’t!
  • In the background of the loadout selection menu a word "Text" would sometimes appear. All fixed now!
  • Now players who sent you a friend request no longer appear in the friend list without your confirmation.
  • Sometimes, deleting the name of a loadout would return an error. Now everything works.
  • Changes have been made to the logic of Barracuda's sight: when using the aiming mode "Tap", Barracuda will re-enter sight after the shot automatically, when using the aiming mode "Hold" or “3D Touch”, you'll have to hold the sight button or tap it again to return to the aiming mode.
  • Fixed the bug that made Suppressor have inappropriate characteristics at grades 0-2, particularly the amounts of ammo. Now Suppressor of those grades works as intended. Note that this is not a balance fix but a bug fix.

These are all the changes for now. We hope this improves your gaming experience.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!

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