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605cad6756662_act2_season2_socialcovers_patchnote_header_22.2 (2)


We're working hard to keep our classic maps up-to-date. In this update, we’ve improved the balance of 3 maps and 5 more maps are now much better graphics-wise. More information about the changes can be found in the article here.


We added further improvements to make the UI even more straightforward and clean. For instance, active offers now look much better.


  • We fixed the issue that made Barracuda re-enter aiming mode when aiming via 3D Touch.
  • Some of you may have experienced the game's window closing when launching the game for the first time after an update or reinstallation. We found what caused this and fixed it.
  • There was a small visual problem with the stats displayed at the end of the match in Two Fronts mode—now it's fixed.
  • In match history, the map's name overlapped with the battle mode's name if the match was in Two Fronts mode. All good now!
  • We improved the notification system. Now icons with an exclamation mark should appear less frequently if it doesn't require your immediate attention. This applies to notifications regarding item upgrades, profile management, new mail, etc.

These are all the changes for now. We hope this improves your gaming experience.

HOTFIX — March 2

Friends, we apologize for the problems that the previous update may have caused. Thanks to your reports, we managed to identify the bugs promptly and immediately started fixing them. This hotfix should solve most of the issues you've experienced. Also, check your mail; we've sent you a gift as compensation for the inconvenience.

  • Almost fixed the bug that prevented weapons from switching or firing after respawn. We are actively working on fixing the problem completely, but some players may still encounter it.
  • The scope button could not be pressed when the camera was rotating. Fixed.
  • Tapping the currency icons now takes you to the store as it was supposed to.
  • The game's interface is no longer cut off on the screens with rounded corners.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!  

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