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The year has just started, but we’re already hard at work. Check out these new features and fixes!


This time, you will become a real superhero! After the events of Brave New Season, many have decided to fight the corporations by becoming vigilantes. Join these heroes and fight for freedom!


During Season 2, we’ll celebrate the annual Lunar Festival: new gun, new gear, and a new map!


We’ve balanced the stats of Orochi, Reaper, Quicksilver, Berserker, and several other guns. Full info in the article.


  • Fixed the issue with Incinerator extinguishing enemies already on fire instead of adding more fire damage to them
  • Fixed the bug with vests which led to incoming damage not registering properly in some situations
  • When spawning with a crossbow, you could sometimes see the firing animation. We fixed this
  • Now the active perk button for helmets is displayed correctly during the perk’s cool-down
  • Corrected the display of weapon skins for Mamba AR: they used to look darker than intended
  • Improved the design of Brawl Backdrops which you get for signing brawl contracts

We hope these changes make your gameplay richer and less stressful.

Check out the article on known issues to learn about the bugs you can possibly encounter!

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