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In version 21.0 we added a lot of stuff: content, rebooted seasons, and tons of visual UI changes in the lobby. Meet the last update of the year!


We’re starting a new chapter in Gods of Boom! The changes we started introducing in brave New Season have rooted, and we’re beginning a new count. The first season of Act 2 features a story about gunslingers stranded on an arctic base, so get ready for frosty cosmetics and cool fairs! Also, we’ve completely reworked the Battle Career interface to make it easier to use.


The main lobby is the game’s face, so we want players to feel comfortable on this screen. That’s why we overhauled the placement of icons and UI elements to make it less cluttered, prettier, as well as more modern and intuitive.


Ready for a holiday event? We’ve got your favorite game modes on snowy maps, cool gear including a new rifle and vest at the fairs, and 2 weeks of awesome daily gifts for all players. Don’t miss out!


We’ve updated the textures and models of some older weapons (Mamba, Onslaught, Manticore, Hydra, and Eagle). Now they look brand-new! 


  • Fixed the issue which caused some weapons to show the Orochi sights during warmup
  • We expanded the tap area of the Refresh button so that you don’t accidentally go to battle when trying to tap it
  • The “Earn 100 gunbucks in battles” quest now shows and rewards the right amount of gunbucks
  • Vest icons in the U-Fragments convert window now have the right size
  • Fixed the error which led to oversized buttons in battle on iPads with 2160x1620 screen resolution

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