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Gunslingers, we spotted several bugs in the latest updates. We fixed some of them and are working on others. Also, we want to highlight a few cool additions to the game.


We’ve got a new brawl coming up at the end of the Brave New Season, and it’s an intense one! We can’t tell you every little detail about it, but soon you’ll experience this brand-new weekend activity yourselves. Just hold on for a little longer.


  • Now, you can spectate random battles and battles of your friends without any issues. The game no longer takes you to the main lobby instead of the match
  • Solved the problem with daily quest updating – the game searched for a match instead of updating the quest
  • Fixed the error which caused players to respawn automatically, instead of respawning after pushing the Battle button. The button’s now back and works like intended
  • Since version 20.1, your brawl plate does not overlap with the Battle Career icon
  • Fixed the bug which allowed one full-body suit to be equipped on top of another
  • Fixed the error which caused Battle Career ending screens to crop incorrectly on devices with 4:3 screens
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