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Gunslingers, we spotted several bugs in the latest updates. We fixed some of them and are working on others. Also, we'll tell you a bit more about the BRAVE NEW SEASON.


This season has many changes, my friend… The marathon tab was reworked: now you can claim your rewards several times a day. A new type of reward added — U-FRAGMENTS. One more challenge stage — the fifth in the line. The SEASON PASS will be more useful and profitable now.


A new type of reward will be available in Battle Career — U-FRAGMENTS! Use these to upgrade weapons that are assembled from fragments. Another good thing: you get more career experience by fighting in classic battles, thus you rank up faster. However, there’s now a limit to how much EXP you can get in one sitting – so take breaks every once in a while.


One more addition to your in-game nickname — stand out from the crowd with a cool template. You will receive a special design for your nickname after purchasing a brawl contract. It will be shown everywhere and it will be with you in the next 7 days till a new brawl starts. On top of that, you get an experience boost for your Battle Career whenever you complete a brawl contract.


We've made some fixes and improved the game stability. If you encounter a bug, let us know!


  • Players sometimes had trouble switching Game Center/Google Play accounts. It's now fixed!
  • The Battle Bonus Tokens offer at the store didn’t have the info button, so players could not learn what Bonus Tokens were all about. Corrected that one.
  • Fixed the hard-to-read text in the tip windows for Specialization Cases and Event Tokens.
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