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Gunslingers, in the latest  Gods of Boom updates, we spotted several issues. We fixed some of them and are working on others.


Very soon, one of the most epic events of the year will launch in the game - Halloween! We’ve prepared 18 days of wicked bone-chilling fun with cool event modes, a new map, three awesome fairs, engaging challenges, and tons of rewards including two new costumes!


We've made some fixes, improved the game stability, and fine-tuned some visual aspects of the game. If you encounter a bug, let us know!


  • Fixed the problem that prevented players from entering Spectator Mode. If you encounter this bug in recent versions, please contact our tech support team.
  • Solved the issue which caused the Battle button to disappear on the Elimination Screen.
  • A gunslinger who quit a battle could sometimes see a defeat window in the match results, even if his team won. We fixed that.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from switching loadouts in the last moments of the Elimination Screen.
  • Sometimes the Change Loadout button did not work properly during warm-up. We fixed that.
  • The Med Module’s area of effect is now shown correctly in battle.
  • Active perks are now once again highlighted.
  • Solved the issue which caused the game to crash on Android devices when players tried to connect their Facebook account.
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