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  • We’ve improved designs, animations, and details on Vampire, Storm, Punisher, Hurricane, and Whisper. The weapons look as good as ever – make sure to keep your eyes on the enemies and not on the all-new textures.
  • Remastered maps – this time, we’ve made balance and visual improvements of Mexico: Village and Military Warehouse. 
  • We've made the ammo drum on Joker more realistic - the shells run out when your mag becomes empty.
  • Now you won’t miss a single stream thanks to the new LIVE NOW icon in the main lobby!


  • Fixed the sounds of knives to match the animations
  • Fixed the error with watched videos not counting towards the video quest
  • The table with the 8 available Battle Fair items now doesn’t disappear when you leave a selected fair
  • From now on, when you open the Arsenal, you’ll see the gun which is used in your current loadout
  • Fixed the bug that didn’t let you get rewards for watching a video in the Token Giveaway offer, and prompted you to watch another video instead
  • Fixed the graphic issues with the Special Forces costume and mask
  • Fixed the bug with scrolling messages in the mail
  • Removed the bug that allowed players to shoot through a wall on Wild West: Railroad
  • Solved the issue with the player’s character switching to a default look in the Equipment section
  • Fixed the bug which caused the offer on Avalanche fragments to have the same price, regardless of the amount of fragments
  • Fixed the animations for the following weapons: Cerberus, Annihilator, Persuader, Executioner, Oppressor, Barracuda, Juggernaut, Warmonger
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