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The new update brings multiple usability improvements to the Specializations tab. Now opening the arsenal shows your current loadout instead of the familiar Legend AR. And in case you don’t have a loadout, you’ll see a weapon most relevant to your current level. Fewer taps so you can get back to the battle quicker! 

Additionally, there are several new places you can get the info on the loadouts. It’s displayed in the elimination and MVP screens, in the table during the battle, when creating a group, in the player's profile, and in spectator mode. 

The perk selection screen now shows player's in-game currency balance - you'll know exactly how many perks you can splurge on. Moreover, to further enhance the user experience, we've made it possible to get all the information on a perk and even upgrade it right in the panel of equipped perks.

And a little treat. We've tinkered with notifications, and now you'll be quick to know about any changes in your case count in the arsenal. Whenever you get a new case, you'll get a notification along with it.


  • We fixed the issue that made the charge bar's filling speed too fast for some sniper rifles.
  • Athlete, Pulse, and Beat insignias are now displayed correctly.
  • In some cases, animations and the sounds of shooting and explosions, while in the 3rd person view, did not work. We have fixed the problem that caused this.
  • The "Dismantle Duplicates" button can be found in the Masks and Costumes sections again.
  • We fixed the bug that occurred when opening the daily marathon window for beginners.
  • We fixed the UI issue on some devices that made it impossible to decline a friend request.
  • Notifications about befriending someone will now be displayed only in the Friends tab - no more pop-ups during a battle.
  • Clanmates who are not a player's friend no longer appear in his friend list; this bug could lead to game freezing or crashing, and now it's all fixed.
  • We fixed the timer for the power-ups in the Power Play brawl; also, the power-ups are now displayed correctly.
  • We fixed the issue that sometimes caused the game to crash and malfunction when changing equipment on the Eliminate screen.
  • Screen with battle results now works great on iPhone 11 Pro.
  • The character's display bug, which occurred when trying on customization items in the Outlet, was fixed.
  • We fixed the volume of sounds that dynamic objects on the map make.


  • In update 17.1 we fixed the rare bug that made it impossible to leave a group created from recent teammates. 

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