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We reworked the screen you see after the fights. We made it much more informative and neat. Now you can keep a watchful eye on the progress you're making in the leagues and in the season, as well as check whether you got any rewards for ranking up. We've made some improvements to how your achievements are displayed, too. Now they’re graphical and are shown in a separate tab.


We’ve added the option to open the Schedule window right from the loading screen. Now all the relevant information on the in-game activities is only one tap away.


We were so excited to add female characters to the game that we completely overlooked that their hands were a bit...uneven. Now everything is fixed, and our ladies are as symmetrical as we intended them to be.


  • Fixed the bug that allowed characters to move around while showing the emotes.
  • Some players had issues with equipping weapon skins and emotes — all fixed now.
  • The “Get” button in the store sometimes did not provide the purchased cases; the stubborn button now works well.
  • Fixed the bug that in some cases made the player's character to be displayed in the menu incorrectly (it was shown doubled or moved to the Arsenal). 
  • Due to a nasty bug, some players were not able to create loadouts. Took care of this as well.
  • Now the score table for the match displays the active specialization, rather than the specialization of the player's primary loadout.
  • Esports loadouts now show all weapons available for the competition, instead of the ones the player has in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed incorrect display of equipment and weapon grades in the player's profile.
  • Fixed an issue with the female character hitbox that prevented some headshots from registering as headshots.
  • Solved the issue that made it impossible to equip the Qrrior costume.
  • The "Equipment" button was removed from the player's profile since its functions overlapped with the Loadouts window.


  • Fixed the issue with the “Battle!” button: after some matches, it played video ads instead of taking the player to a new match. 
  • Fixed the error which caused the elimination feed to disappear in battle after changing game language.
  • Fixed the error which caused players to leave their groups if they went to the main lobby after finishing a match. Now the group stays together.
  • Fixed the glitch with doubling of player models after pressing the Share button in the profile window.
  • Fixed the problem with the Icebreaker marking female characters on the sides of their models.
  • Animations of gaining and losing league ranking points are now back.
  • Game version is now shown in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Fixed the bug which prevented players from trying on weapon skins at the outlet.
  • Platinum league players used to see an old rating point window after each battle. Now that’s fixed.
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