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  • This epic event is divided into 3 stages: each will feature a number of unique activities, fairs, and challenges
  • New PvE mode where you battle hordes of walkers, raiders, and whisperers. Read The Stage I Guide here
  • Unique PvP mode featuring 3 teams of 3 players. Only one can win though!
  • Challenges, daily and stage ratings, as well as a full Battle Career with the ability to get additional rewards after rank 40
  • A variety of distinct locations inspired by the TV show
  • 4 weapons from The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes’ revolver, Negan’s barbed-wire baseball bat “Lucille”, the rapid “Survivor” assault rifle, and the star of the season — Daryl Dixon’s crossbow
  • Tons of cosmetics like costumes, masks, emotes, weapon skins, and insignias
  • You can even get Daryl’s costume to complete your post-apocalyptic look
  • Redesigned elements on many classical maps to make gameplay even more immersive


The fixed camera button in Spectator Mode disappeared. Fixed – now it's back where it belongs!

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