The walkers are knocking at your door, so there’s no use trying to run and hide. It’s time to take the fight to them and thin out the herds of the undead!


Stage I of the event will last 10 days - from February 20 to March 1 - and will be followed by a short 4-day break. After that, the second stage will kick off with new activities and content.

If you want to learn more about Stage II, come back during the first break - we'll have a detailed guide ready.


Survivor Kits

This is a first in Gods of Boom, so do take notice. PvE event battles require a Survival Kit to participate. Basically, every time you join a PvE event fight, you spend one Survival Kit. There are several ways to get them in the game:

  • You get 10 Survival Kits at the start of the event
  • They’re guaranteed to drop from free event cases
  • You can get them by playing in regular PvP matches - they sometimes drop from eliminated enemies
  • They can be purchased with gold at the game store

Event Battles

The rise of The Walking Dead in Gods of Boom begins with a unique PvE event called The Gauntlet. It’s about solo surviving against all odds in two different situations. The first mode is called Survival, and the second one - Supply Defense.


  • You fight alone against oncoming waves of enemies
  • Depending on the mode, you either try to survive as long as you can, or you protect the valuable supplies on the ground from oncoming waves of opponents
  • Enemies consist of walkers, raiders, and even whisperers, so be prepared for everything
  • Your battles happen in locations across a seemingly deserted town inspired by the series
  • You can get new weapon fragments from bosses

Supply Defense

  • You single-handedly defend supplies drops from attacking enemies
  • There’s a total of 3 spots you need to defend: each one spawns once you successfully defend the previous one
  • The time you need to keep the supplies safe increases as you move from one drop to another
  • Defend all three supplies drops successfully to win the match
  • You can get new weapon fragments from bosses

Important: don't forget to change your primary loadout as you won't be able to change it during the session. 

Keep in mind that the location you fight in may change from battle to battle. Try to get familiar with all the parts of the map - you might need this knowledge later on (wink-wink).

Also, here’s a little pleasant bonus – you won’t spend your consumables in PVE mode during Stage I. There’s a special package of them for your entertainment: 2 G-Launchers and 5 Med Kits.


The first stage unlocks one of the most iconic items in the series, and also one of the most unusual additions to the Gods of Boom arsenal - Daryl’s Crossbow. It is technically a sniper weapon, yet it fires silent bolts instead of loud bullets. All in all, it’s a great choice for gunslingers who enjoy staying out of sight. 

Another important feature of Daryl’s Crossbow is its perk - Piercing Hit. When you hit your opponent, they start to slowly receive damage over time. Works great on daredevil gunslingers who don’t know when to disengage from a fight. The only way to stop this damage over time is to use a healing consumable.

This fair activates on Stage I and will be available during all active stages of the event up until its very end, so you have lots of time to farm for the event tokens.


There are both daily and stage ratings. Daily ratings are summed up every 24 hours, and stage ratings are evaluated at the end of each stage. Best players get various rewards, depending on how high they climbed in the leaderboards.

IMPORTANT: Your stage rating points do not transfer between stages. At the beginning of Stage II, you won’t have any rating points and will start with a clean slate.


As usual, there are challenges with rewards. Complete them to get more loot and feel readier on the battlefield. Want more? Sign an event contract and complete its challenges, and, eventually, you’ll receive the Bruiser costume. Totally worth the effort!


Last but not least - weekend brawls. There will be 2 of them during the first stage: Arms Race and Ultimate Survivor.

Arms Race - February 21

Arms Race is a free-for-all, where you get a new weapon from the list every time you make 2 eliminations. You may have played it before, but not with these guns! This is your chance to both test the new weapons we’ve added to the game and also hone your lone-wolf skills, which will come in handy in PvE battles against overwhelming enemy forces.

Ultimate Survivor - February 28

Ultimate Survivor takes team-based fun to a new level. Everyone plays with pistols, but after 3 consecutive eliminations, players get to become Daryl Dixon himself on their next respawn! You get his looks and his weapon, as well as increased speed and toughness. Try to do as much work as you can while you’re playing as the renowned hero - once you get eliminated, you’ll go back to your usual pistol and character skin.

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