Season duration: April 1 - May 11

How are you doing, Gunslingers? While recent events all over the world are concerning to say the least, it doesn't mean there's nothing to be excited about. For instance, we might have a bright, naked-eye comet next month in the northern hemisphere, the first one since 1997! The comet, known as Atlas, might be the brightest thing in the night sky by May, according to astronomers. 

And in the mobile FPS sphere the brightest thing in the upcoming weeks may be the Gods of Boom space-themed 11th season, according to, well, us! So you definitely have to check it out! Stay home, stay safe, glance up at the sky through the window from time to time so you don’t miss the comet, and enjoy the fantastic season. Let's break down what you're in for.

Space-Rocking Battle Career

Start building your Battle Career, Gunslinger! Join battles, complete challenges, get Battle Career XP and rank up to infinity! And when we say “infinity”, we actually mean 40 ranks, but there are 10 additional levels for more fun, just like in the past season. The further up the ladder you are, the better your rewards. Want to skyrocket to the top faster than others? We have a Season Pass for that. It makes you progress faster and results in more rewards!

Heart-Abducting Battle Cases

As always, two Battle Cases this season. One contains Last Breath: the gun that can be easily named one of the most dangerous in the game. Penetrating bullets, bonus damage after elimination and, if it wasn't enough already, 6x optical scope. The other offers Dragonfire: an assault rifle that rips through enemies at close range and also has a chance to deal additional Fire Hazard damage. Do your best in battles, score Battle Coins to unlock these cases and get the weapons that will make you unstoppable on the battlefield.

Out Of This World Brawls

Be sure to participate in our usual exciting weekend activities! After the intense TWD inspired brawls, a real nightmare fuel that will haunt most of us for a very long time, we figured you’d want to go back to something more familiar. This season will feature 6 classic brawls, which will be covered in Brawler's Guide as always!

Siriusly Awesome Cosmetics

The amount of awesome space-themed content is so huge this season, it will suck you right in and never let you out of its gravitational field. Costumes, masks, weapon skins, insignias – you name it! Be sure to check out the event cases and the special offers to get your hands on the coolest stuff in the universe (probably).

Having a companion to hang around with is always fun. With this guy chilling on your helmet, you'll always have a Slime Time

 Let your skills shine like a million suns in every battle with this Flare!

A distinctive silver finish for a secret new gun yet to be announced. Mind. Blown.

Good thing you had breakfast, right? Otherwise, this thing could have taken you out of the battle

When you're shouting, you look like a madman, but signs are sophisticated. Yeah, signs will open everyone's eyes to the truth!

This sums everything up. Hope you’re as excited about this cosmic season just as much we are! Follow our updates on the upcoming activities if you want to be the first to know every detail about it.

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