On May 4th, we came out with a message for you our players. We talked about making the game more fun, more stable and more fair to you. We talked about being transparent and bringing back the classic Guns of Boom experience. We returned the 4-gun loadout, got rid of battle coin resets and increased the Battle Fair rewards. But, maybe most importantly, we said that we would listen to you. And we have.

We’ve been collecting tons and tons of your feedback, questions and suggestions. We addressed many of them on our recent Dev Stream.

There are many great ideas coming from the community, and there are many things we’d like to address. This Future Plans article will keep you up to date on our plans, different news and our vision for the near future — look for it in the lobby. And expect regular updates of this article!

Today, we want to share the plans we talked about on stream:

Our plans:

  • Launching the Public Testing Server (more on that below) 
  • Presenting a Public Development Roadmap in the beginning of July
  • Bringing back the old voiceover 
  • Reworking the perk system
  • Researching and improving the matchmaking 
  • Researching and improving the game balance 
  • Working on UI/UX to make the game easier to navigate
  • Researching gamepad support
  • And a lot more to come

Public Testing Server 

The first thing on the list of new features is the Public Testing Server where we will test all important balance changes, new mechanics, and features before adding them to Guns of Boom. 

  • We plan to release the PTS in the next two weeks (first on Android for a small number of players and later both on iOS and Android for a large number of players)
  • After its release most major changes will go through PTS before making in it to the main game, including balance tweaking, new mechanics, and other key gameplay features
  • You'll be able to give your feedback directly on PTS through special forms and also by contacting our support team about technical issues or bugs you happen to catch. 
  • Active participation in testing will be rewarded in the main game with useful items.
  • You will also have community spaces to share your PTS experiences with us and each other, like a Discord channel.
  • First PTS invites will be available to the most active community members like moderators, content creators, esports players, and so on. We will invite more players when PTS is released for both Android and iOS.

Discuss the PTS and our plans on the Guns of Boom Discord 

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